Challenges faced by missional leaders cause overwhelming stress, burnout, and isolation. Find the urgent attention and support needed to enhance their well-being and resilience.

Welcome to People Bridge Properties, where we understand the importance of rest, retreat, and self-care for mission leaders. Picture this: when Erin and I were newly married, we discovered the key to a fulfilling and enduring marriage - finding something we both loved and unashamedly doing it. For us, that one thing was basking in the sun, warmth, and beaches of Florida.

Not surprisingly, it was during our toughest times that our deepest passions and desires emerged. Taking the time to escape to Florida allowed us to stay connected and move forward faithfully for the long haul. Now, as the founders of People Bridge and People Bridge Properties, we extend the same respite care to mission leaders.

At People Bridge, we're not simply offering a free vacation to anyone who wants it. We invite you to go through our application process, recognizing the significance of rest, retreat, and self-care for your life. If you share our belief in the importance of rejuvenation and are ready to invest in your well-being, then this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

We boast several prime locations for your respite care needs. Explore our properties in North Orlando, where tranquility meets convenience. Discover the rejuvenating ambiance of the Cocoa Beach area, where the ocean's melody soothes your soul. Recharge by the serene lake in South Orlando, finding solace amidst nature's beauty. And for an awe-inspiring experience, our family property in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, offers breathtaking views overlooking the majestic ocean.

Recognize the need for Restoration and Getaways for Leaders to Renew

their Purpose and Energy

In a world of ministry pressures, leaders consider leaving their sacred calling. Nonprofit and church leaders contemplate abandonment. According to Barna Group's revealing report, 2 in 5 pastors consider abandoning their sacred calling. Overwhelming stress and isolation take their toll. But find hope at Leader's Getaways. Escape, find solace, and reignite your passion. Return refreshed and equipped to continue your ministry. Uncover transformative rest.


Amidst the disheartening reality, People Bridge stands as a beacon of hope for leaders like you. Experience a transformative journey of respite and rejuvenation, inspired by Jesus' example. Recharge your spirit, reignite your passion, and discover the power of slowing down. Unlock new opportunities for growth and impact. Together, let's ignite your purpose and create a path to success.


Join us today and experience the difference.

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